Hillsborough Independent Panel came to its findings – finally

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The soccer world witnessed what happened at Hillsborough on 15 April 1989 when 94 Liverpool fans died coz of a stampede happened at the stadium where the FA Cup semifinal tie up match was being played between Liverpool and Nottingham. This was later described as one of the world’s biggest sport’s related human error; however, British media, police and governing authorities had long been blaming fans themselves for this stampede. But a special independent penal formed to redress and investigate this issue has finally submitted its report –after 23 long years. This report is a 396 page document which mentioned the complete details about what could have had been the happenings at the stadium and it also revealed that it was not a human error but it was coz of studious ill infrastructure that caused a sudden stampede among a large crowd which resulted in worst sports stampede causing, as told, 94 death and 766 injured.

The case has long been investigating by the penal and families of all those victims can now feel a fresh air coz the findings are in support of their sayings, i.e., what they had been saying since last so many years. This report also praises the authority’s steps taken to strengthen the safety measures at football stadiums and also compared how 23 years ago’s scenario was different from today. Even FA praises the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s work and describes it as an outstanding work which FA mentioned as exhaustive and professional work – via a statement. Notably, this disaster made every football fan stunned to see how such kind of accident can happen at Britain which supposed to be the most advanced outdoor sports organizer. British prime minister: David Cameron himself apologized to all those families who suffered a great pain out of this accident, and this report finally proved that fans were not responsible for this human crush.

Report also says, Hillsborough Independent Panel has been cooperated from every corner of the world; moreover, even FA supported it for its documents and evidence needs. Furthermore, independent penal took so many years to finally submit its report, families of victims have long been shouting about what could have been the real reason for that accident. FIFA president: Sepp Blatter also tweeted his condolence for all victims; he said, “It has shown that @LFC fans were not the cause of the tragedy. Prime Minister Cameron has also offered a profound apology.”

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