Evander Sno’s confronted his second in-field heart attack

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Dutch’s defensive midfielder: Evander Sno, who formally plays for Celtic Football Club, got his second in field heart attack while he was playing a match for NEC Nijmegen against Feyenoord, which was lost by his team 5-1 by livescore. Notably, Evander Sno has got a defibrillator fitted on his chest after his 2010 heart stroke and this ICD helped him in lessening his second attack’s effects on his health, though he spent a full night at a hospital after his stroke. Immediately after his stroke, Celtic released a statement via its website where it said, “The news that former Celtic midfielder Evander Sno had suffered a heart attack during a league game on Saturday was naturally a shock to everyone at the club and was quickly followed by an outpouring of concern for his well-being.”

His formal club has ensured him full on support and a deep hearted sympathy to his family for said incident through their statement, it reads as, “Clearly all the best thoughts and best wishes of everyone at the Club are with Evander and his family at this time, and we are sure Evander can also count on the support from the entire Celtic family.”

In 2010, during an Ajax reserve match, he suddenly collapsed which later comes to know as a heart stroke and he had to be equipped with an external defibulator which saved his life during his second stroke, however this defibulator uneven his heart beats and that’s why he has to spend a whole night residing in a hospital. Thanks to his fitted defibulator that 25 years old footballer could stand on his feet and move out of the ground else it could have been a nightmare for his survival if an ICD had not been fitted inside. Sno has made his appearances for various clubs worldwide, including for Bristol City in English championship, NAC Breda, RKC Waalwijk in his homeland. He also has made an Olympic appearance in 2008 Beijing from Holland’s national side.

On the contrary, Alex Pastoor, coach of NEC has denied any cardiac arrest to him, he said, “Sno was not feeling well, so as a precaution he was taken to hospital for further diagnosis.” He also labeled his heart attack news as “village rumors.” May his words be true and Sno comes back on the field with a new enthusiasm all over again.

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